November 01 2014 - Satiriko Theatre


TEDxNicosia 2014 – ‘Perspectives’

In an endeavor to bring to the stage ideas, which are engrossed in the arenas of travel, life, science and culture, TEDxNicosia challenges you to explore different Perspectives.
Perspectives of…

  • People who have always seen things differently.
  • People who change gears and expand their perspective.
  • People who follow the little voice inside of them.

There is no right or wrong perspective. What’s important, is to keep an open spirit and initiate a dialogue of respect regardless of the different points of view. By expanding our perspective, we allow the mind to traverse into multi-dimensional awareness.
So, what’s your Perspective?


Satiriko Theatre – Vladimirou Kaukaridi Street, 11-15, 2102, Aglandjia