Portraits Defined

When TEDxNicosia photographer Andri JosefAJphotoart – thought about the theme TRACES [ίχνη] she had an extraordinary idea.Given the opportunity to meet the speakers before the event of 7th May 2016, she fantasized a combination of photography, design, portraits, words.

With this in mind, she was able to capture speaker portraits, to which she then applied a technique that used technology, information, and, algorithms in a pop up studio which was created.

Andri believed in the power of words and how these encapsulate speakers themselves. An algorithm was set over the portrait photographs, which took the TEDxNicosia promo trailer and deciphered words and phrases.The red, black and white images shown below were then created.

Peggy Spineli Paul Iacovou

As an artist, Andri captured portraits which are defined in more ways than the mere image of a face; a portrait has become the amalgamation of a creative process.

Noutsa  Antonis Kountouris  Memnia Theodorou

Melissa Hekkers  Sarah Fenwick

Andreas Lordos  Pembe Mentesh  Spyros Armostis

Photo Credits: Andri Josef – AJPhotoart © 2016