It’s about time!

Eleni Antoniou runs the motherhood and lifestyle blog Georgie’s Mummy. As part of the upcoming TEDxNicosiaWomen event she talks about her perception of time and what she thinks it’s about time she did, as a mother.


I don’t know about you but I find the concept rather stressful at times. Scary even.

As a mother, there are moments in my life when I can literally hear time ticking away. It’s buzzing in my ears like a mosquito, annoying me, making me beg it to cease.

Time is high on my list of worries because it doesn’t just fly by, it seems as though a turbo pack was strapped to its back and it whizzed by leaving me gobsmacked and sad. Once upon a time I was pregnant, carrying my babies around everywhere I went, just them and me, a precious time I would give anything to get back. And now they’re growing like weeds, slipping out of my arms and into the world.

Scary as it may be, it’s also the single most unfailing way to force me to think ‘It’s about time!’ It’s about time I put down my phone, closed my laptop and sat down to play with my sons. It’s about time I rolled around on the floor laughing with them. It’s about time I stopped doing everything that does not matter and it’s about time I focus on what does.

I know that time is coming for me so what am I to do? Respect it. Respect the time I am given with my children, my family and my life. Respect time because no amount of technological brilliance has managed to stop it or even slow it down. It’s a force to be reckoned with.

This year’s TEDxNicosiaWomen will serve as a wake-up call to all those who will be seated in the Cyta Headquarters Amphitheater on October 27 when five speakers from different backgrounds will take to the stage. They will talk about what they think it’s about time we do or don’t do. They will inspire us and challenge us to take the time to grow, change, listen and learn. A live connection with TEDWomen in California, USA will also take place during the event.

In a bid to explore time and all the fascination that comes with it, TEDxNicosiaWomen has put together a sensational group of speakers.

There’s Alexia Pissarides, dancer, visual artist and creative producer who says time is a constant pulse and the rhythm is the pattern we create around it. Andrea Solomonides, the most sociable loner on Planet Earth, or so she says, who recently journeyed through China, Russia and Mongolia in an aim to help improve the conventional way Asia and Europe are connected by land, air and sea. And she’s worked on Political Campaign Management projects. Louiza Sophocleous, a scientist and the winner of FameLab, an international competition for science communicators who says it’s about time we face time science! In her free time she enjoys attempting to be a dog trainer. Marina Katsari who says it’s about time we all tell our stories, will probably whisk us away on a magical fairytale ride full of drama and passion as she is a little story-teller with a big imagination. And last but not least, Dr Andreas Stavroulis, obstetrician and gynaecologist and promoter of natural maternity, who will be speaking to us about our options. Because it’s about time we knew them, he says.

There are 24 hours in a day and on October 27 three of those hours will be dedicated to motivation and inspiration. They will be dedicated to the true essence of women, to new ventures and innovative ideas. Isn’t it about time you dedicated three hours of your time…for more time?

See you there.


Words by Eleni Antoniou

Photos by Andri Josef