It’s about time…you met our speakers

The power of a photograph is undeniable. Every element within that picture plays a powerful role in telling a story. Portrait photography may rely on a single element, however its objective is no different.
Andri Josef, of AJphotoart talked about her inspiration behind the photography of TEDxNicosiaWomen’s five speakers.

“Portrait photography is always a challenge as the photographer is called upon to use light, background, colours and the position of the subject in the most appropriate creative combination,” she said.  “But creativity has to serve a purpose. In the case of TEDxNicosiaWomen speakers, I was looking for an imaginative way to put my subjects in context, to link them to the event. Choosing B&W photography, I positioned my subjects against the background of a large X which was created with a spotlight. This linked my subjects to TEDx in a subtle way that does not distract the viewer.”

When asked, what it is about time to consider, Andri’s response is: “It’s about time to do whatever you dream of!”